7 Important Things to Remember (and Do) This Father’s Day

Today is the time of the year when social media is filled with photos and tributes to real-life superheroes – dads.

Apart from the heartwarming post, reenacted childhood photos, or tangible gifts, another great idea to make dads feel loved on this day is to remind them of how they can still live life to the fullest. 

As the world celebrates Father’s Day today, June also serves as the month for Men’s Health Awareness. So for British Seniors Alliance’s Father’s Day present, we share some useful tips to ensure how dads can continue to have a healthy and happy living: 

1. Value Nutrition. A comprehensive diet contains all of the nutrients required to keep us healthy and disease-free. It is helpful to eat fresh, organic foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, lentils, soy products, dairy products, seafood, and lean meat. 

2. Say Hello to Health Checks. Regular consultations with a primary care physician are advised to ensure that blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels are within normal limits, reducing the risk of illness and aiding in the detection of issues before they become serious. Obtain a routine physical to increase chances of living a happier, healthy lifestyle.

3. Get Some Zzzzs. Go to bed early each night. If appropriate, keep your phone and avoid staying up late viewing movies. Essential oils can also help dads relax. Ascertain that the sleep will last not lesser than 7 hours. 

4. Focus on What’s Beating. Improving and sustaining heart health is crucial for men. The most significant things men can do to keep their hearts healthy fall into one of two categories: staying physically active and eating a nutritious diet. 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each week is recommended to maintain the heart kicking.

5. Slash Off the Stress. Stress has a bad impact on one’s health, raising the risk of heart attacks, anxiety, and other ailments. In the current pressures generated by the COVID 19 epidemic, the rising cost of living, politics and its accompanying issues, this is more vital than ever. Determine stressors and schedule time to address them, such as workouts, relaxation, and goal setting.

6. Be Open About Feelings. Stigma has long been involved with assessing and treating our mental health. This is especially true for dads, who, in some situations, don’t feel like “genuine men” when they express their emotions.

7. Spend Quality Time Together.  People have always been sociable beings. Living and working together have always been important to us. Having friends and family in our life benefits our health in a variety of ways, from strengthening us during difficult times to reducing brain ageing as we age.

Fathers are fighters. But even the toughest fighters can get sick if they don’t look after their health – so make sure to follow the abovementioned steps.

While elder dads may be having difficulty doing chores that were formerly second nature to them or maybe forgetting things, age must not keep us from spending Father’s Day. For families, here are another 7 fun activities that everyone can enjoy and celebrate on the special occasion:

Father’s Day Senior-Friendly Activities

1. Organise a gaming day. Play board or card games with closest friends or family members. If needed, use large playing cards and games with large pieces so that everyone can participate.

2. Plan a family barbecue. Prepare favourite foods and invite the entire family to celebrate the occasion. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring everyone together and spend time. 

3. Play a favourite film. Whether or not movies are liked, watching an old favourite will bring back memories and provide a fun chance to share prior experiences. Just don’t forget the popcorn, please!

4. Attend a sporting event. Even if we can’t engage in sports, we can enjoy watching them! Attend a game on Television or in person. Bring sunscreen and a big hat if it’s a sunny day.

5. Visit a museum and explore around. It’s always thrilling to learn new things, and visiting a history or science museum will provide everyone with an enjoyable and educational experience.

6. Go through your old photo albums. Reminiscence therapy is a wonderful way to realise all of the wonderful things we’ve accomplished throughout our. It can also be a way for us to share stories we may not have heard before.

7. Check out your local theatre. Seeing a play or musical performance is always a fun experience and a great way to support your community.

If these activities appear to be too challenging, you may always spend a quiet day together listening to music or working on a puzzle. What matters most is fathers feel the importance of having someone around, wherever. 

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