About Us

If you care about Britain’s history and traditions, our rights and freedoms, selfless veterans and rule of law then British Seniors Alliance (BSA) is your ticket to the future.

BSA offers real solutions and is a source of trusted financial, health, retirement and lifestyle advice. In short, by joining BSA, you become part of an honest, active and patriotic alternative to other 50+ organisations.

BSA gives patriotic Brits a respected voice in our nation’s dialogue, a seat at the table when decisions are pondered, and a chance to contribute what they know and shape national policy.

BSA Members receive unrivalled benefits, including:

  • Daily access to our cutting-edge website with news and coverage unavailable elsewhere
  • BSA E-Alerts which arm members with fresh news, unparalleled analysis, interviews and insights from experts on a variety of topics
  • Access to a community of 100,000+ like-minded members (and growing daily…)
  • Unique, highly valuable member benefits including restaurant, retail and travel discounts, assistance, cost-saving and other economic benefits