Revealed: UK’s Most Dangerous Places To Live for Burglaries

Older folks are the least likely to become victims of violent crimes. 

In contrast, the crimes more often committed against older adults falls under property or money victimisation – such as pocket-picking, fraud and confidence crimes, mail theft, and burglary.

A study in the UK pointed out the most dangerous places to live in for burglaries, with four of them being in the capital.

Facilitated by financial service provider Confused, the study looked at crime statistics from 2017 to 2021. 

The top ten list is crammed with English cities and boroughs, making many people double-check their locks. Middlesborough came in first, with 7.86 burglaries per 1,000 persons reported in the previous year.

In 2021, Manchester came in second with a burglary rate of 7.11, followed by Doncaster with 6.96. Cops in London have been kept busy as well, with a burglary rate of 6.93 in Hackney and 6.60 in Kensington and Chelsea.

Last year, Bolton had a burglary rate of 6.57, while Haringey had 6.54 and Birmingham had 6.20. Stockport was in second place with 6.10, followed by Hammersmith and Fulham in third place with 6.00.

The figures will undoubtedly worry local residents who believe they are sitting ducks in a burglary hotspot. 

Good thing that the study also looked at the areas of the UK with the lowest crime rates.

With only 0.44 burglaries per 1,000 people last year, East Dunbartonshire was deemed the safest area, down from 1.73 in 2017. Over four years, that represents a huge reduction of 26.94% each year on average. In addition, it has the study’s second largest average annual decline in reported burglaries.

However, Folkestone and Hythe beat the region to the top spot with a 27.52 percent drop while Highland, Aberdeenshire, Stirling, and Argyll and Bute were the next Scottish regions to arrive.

Residents will be relieved to learn that they are among the least likely to be burglarized, based on the statistics. Homeowners in the South-West, on the other hand, may rest easy knowing that their homes are among the safest in the country.

Four of the top ten safest properties in the UK overall, as measured by the lowest burglary rates, are in the South–West. Burglaries per 1,000 inhabitants were also low in South Devon and Dartmoor, East and Mid Devon, North Devon, and Cornwall.

These crimes can be prevented by being mindful of your home’s security. When you leave the house, make sure all doors and windows are locked. Take note that you also have to hide your keys away from easy-access entrances such as windows, and the letterbox. 

Your backyard could be open, but keeping the ladders and tools out of reach is also a must. Gates and fences should also be functional and locked all the time. You can also get yourself a customised alarm clock so if ever you’re suspicious, a simple button press could help you loudly call for help.