How to Get a Passport Quick – Renewals and Emergency Passport Applications Explained

The sunny days are here to stay, and we can’t deny that it’s the perfect time to begin our pandemic-interrupted travel vacations – in and out of the UK. 

With the long list of wonderful beaches and mountain ranges, plus the variety of food and culture awaiting us, planning an itinerary could be easy. However, completing your travel requirements couldn’t be – especially when you don’t have a passport.  

Applying for a passport or renewing your existing booklet a few weeks before your trip can be a major issue. We’ve all been there, though. It can be simple to overlook details like your passport’s expiration date or sometimes, trying to recall the spot where you left it.

Here at British Seniors Alliance, we provide you with our guide on how to receive your new passport quickly or apply for an emergency passport so you can have a delay-free, and stress-free summer getaway: 

How do I apply for a new UK passport?

Visit if you want to apply for a new passport because that is where all applications are handled by the government. Just be cautious of websites that pretend to be official government ones because they may charge much more than the stated price.

Give yourself plenty of time when applying for a new passport because processing timeframes can take up to 10 weeks, and even longer if you’re applying from another nation. The typical procedure for obtaining a new passport is £75.50.

However, you can also submit an urgent application if you’re in dire need of a passport and worry that waiting that long might cause you to miss your trip.

How do I make an urgent passport application?

Only UK residents are eligible to submit urgent applications. If you require a passport immediately, you must schedule an appointment and make payment online. A three-week advance notice is required to make an appointment.

The government’s website lists two methods for applying. First is Online Premium which allows you to pick up your brand-new passport at your appointment. This system will cost you £177. 

The alternative is to take the one-week fast track, which requires a recipient to be present to sign for the delivery of your new passport to your house within a week of your appointment. This procedure costs £142.

What is an emergency passport?

Emergency passports are for persons who have lost theirs while travelling abroad or who need to travel but are unable to obtain one in time through other means.

To acquire one, you must, however, present evidence of your travel arrangements, such as booking confirmations.

A travel document for emergencies is the emergency passport. It costs £100, is only temporary, and typically lasts for six months.

Now that you know the ways on how to apply for a passport fast, next thing you need to work on is to plan your travel. List down the activities that you want to do, sceneries you want to visit, meals that you want to try first, and of course, budget the money that you can spend. Also be mindful of people who might take advantage of you in a place you’re not really familiar with. 

And the most important note: don’t ever forget where to put your passport.