Binge-Watch Worthy Flicks! 14 Must-See Netflix Shows for Seniors (Updated 2023)

Staying at home can be boring sometimes, but the good thing is we are already living in a time when distractions are readily available. Smartphones, mobile applications, and streaming services don’t just kill time – it also becomes a great way to entertain through games and shows that could even sometimes be addictive!

Now, get your remote and comfortably sit on your couch. If you have Netflix, you’re in luck! Here are a handful of the freshest favorite shows that you need to watch this 2023:

1. Kaleidoscope

The plot of Kaleidoscope is inspired by true events and revolves around the largest heist ever attempted, followed by betrayals, vengeance, and so on. Netflix released the official trailer for Kaleidoscope on December 13, 2022, and it’s highlighted as “seven billion ways to solve a crime”, which mostly indicates the non-linear narrative of the series.

The most noteworthy thing about Kaleidoscope is its narrative. Unlike most other series, this thriller series is structured in a non-linear order, and you can choose to watch the episodes randomly, without any particular order. And still, the order of episodes that you watch will tie back to the finale – an interesting and unique way to present a crime action-thriller.

2. The Lying Life of Adults

From the novel by Elena Ferrante (My Brilliant Friend), a new Netflix series about a rebellious young woman coming of age in 1990s Naples under the wary eye of a scandalous aunt.

In The Lying Life of Adults, Naples provides a socially textured setting for this coming-of-age story, which propels Giovanna from the innocence of childhood into the world of adults’ complex and contradictory compromises. Set in the mid-1990s, the series underscores the slippery social standing of Italian girls, and women, seeking to find a footing in a world where men call the shots.

3. Poldark

Based on Winston Graham’s novels, Poldark is a dark drama set in 18th century. This all-new version of the vintage Masterpiece series stars Aidan Turner as Capt. Ross Poldark, a redcoat returning to Cornwall after the American Revolutionary War, only to find his father dead and his true love about to marry someone else.

A Mammoth Screen production, the series is packed with action, adventure and romance. The show also boasts an incredible score, which earned it a BAFTA nomination in 2017.

4. The Crown

If you enjoy British historical dramas, the Crown TV series is a must-see. From the 1940s until the present, the Crown depicts Queen Elizabeth’s life depicted on the Tony-winning drama The Audience.

Seniors will recall major events, political instability, and decisions that occurred throughout the Queen’s reign. This show is plenty of drama because it focuses on the Queen’s personal connections.  

5. The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is an American Netflix series following three hosts as they travel the world visiting unique, budget, and luxury vacation properties. Every episode, the show’s three hosts, Jo Franco, Megan Batoon, and Luis D. Ortiz, share their favorite vacation rental to spend a few nights.

Franco’s area of expertise is “Travel,” and her goal is to select the most unique rentals to visit around the world. Ortiz has a background in real estate in New York and selects the best Luxury rentals to stay the night. Batoon enjoys DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and is tasked with directing the other hosts to the best budget vacation rental options. The three hosts travel throughout the United States as well as to other countries such as Mexico, Japan, and Bali. They never stay in hotels and instead seek out the best Airbnb and VRBO spots.

6. Our Planet

Our Planet is the most recent in a long line of excellent nature documentaries broadcast by Sir David Attenborough. This series covers the species that live on our planet from the jungle to the ocean, the icy poles to the arid desert. The camerawork is incredible, and the colors will take your breath away.

The majority of Our Planet is devoted to introducing viewers to amazing species and their survival methods, such as overcoming harsh climates, scarce food sources, and dwindling shelter resources.

7. Car Masters: Rust to Riches

Restoring and flipping cars can be a lucrative business for firms that do it. One such company is Gotham Garage, which is at the center of this series.

Owner Mark Towle leads a colorful crew, which overhauls an eclectic collection of cars with the goal of trading their way up to a showstopper that can be sold for big bucks. As the title “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” suggests, Towle and his crew are hoping they can use their sweat equity and sheer car genius to turn their rusty wrecks into six-figure paydays.

8. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The showcase of the World’s Most Extraordinary Homes features incredible homes from all over the world. The beautiful architecture and exquisite attention to detail in these residences can pique a senior’s interest.

These structures are unusual, and they might inspire you to design your own. Take a trip around the world to see some of the most beautiful homes you’ve ever seen. 

9. Chef’s Table

In this Emmy-nominated series, meet culinary stars around the world who are redefining gourmet food with innovative dishes and tantalizing desserts.

Chef’s Table travels to some of the world’s most prestigious kitchens, focusing on one chef per episode who reveals his or her inspirations, passions, and philosophies while cooking a delicious dish. It’s a fascinating insight into the lives of the chefs who have continued to define gourmet cuisine.

10. Street Food Asia

The creators of “Chef’s Table” take to the streets in this half-hour series. “Street Food” brings viewers to some of the world’s most vibrant cities, where the rich culture of street food is explored.

From the hawker stalls of Singapore to the food carts of India, episodes highlight the stories of perseverance and culture that bring life to various countries’ cuisine. Nations visited include Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam.

11. Only Fools and Horses

Watch the charming “Del Boy” and his reliant younger brother Rodney’s futile attempts to make money as shady market dealers in Peckham. This classic 1980s comedy is a terrific choice for seniors and will undoubtedly be a hilarious trip down memory lane.

Only Fools and Horses was chosen Britain’s Best Sitcom by BBC viewers in a 2004 poll.

12. Grace & Frankie

This is an award-winning American television sitcom about Grace and Frankie, who believe their retirement plans are complete — until their spouses confess their love for one other.

As the two women learn to live together and cope with this unexpected shift in their lives, hilarity erupts. A wonderfully heartwarming show, and just what we all need right now.

13. The Good Place

The Good Place is another Netflix comedy. Seniors may binge-watch the full season of this entertaining and lighthearted show on the streaming service.

The story is about Eleanor Shellstrop who finds herself in the afterlife, feeling both relieved and surprised that she’s made it into the Good Place. But it doesn’t take long for Eleanor to realize she’s there by mistake! With the help of her new friends — and a few enemies — Eleanor becomes determined to shed her old way of life in hopes of discovering a new one in the afterlife.

14. Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla, or simply Valhalla, is a historical drama streaming television series created by Jeb Stuart for Netflix. It is a sequel to History’s Vikings, filmed in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Vikings: Valhalla takes place more than a century after the events of Vikings. The conflict between Viking descendants (Norse or Danes) and native English reached a bloody climax in the story. The Norse are also at odds with one another over competing Christian and pagan beliefs. The series begins with the St. Brice’s Day massacre in 1002 and intends to end with the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, which marks the end of the Viking Age.

And that ends our list! Indeed, Netflix allows you to travel imaginatively through other people, cultures, ideas, and locations that you may never encounter in real life.

Before you turn on the TV, you can also prepare a nutritious snack for you to enjoy. Also, manage your viewing time well so it doesn’t affect your health. Watch, but don’t lose sleep!

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